Early Developmental Screening Program

We believe that parents are the first and most important teachers and decision makers for their children. The early childhood years from birth to the start of kindergarten are an important time of rapid learning and growth.

With the collaboration of Children’s Specialized Hospital, Harmony Education & Life Partners provides the Quick Peek Early Developmental Screening Program to the Irvington community to make it easy and convenient for parents to bring their child for a screening. Parents with concerns or questions about their child’s development, don’t need to worry about having insurance or transportation to get to a special facility … they can simply find when the next Quick Peek screening will be held at our facility.

Each screening takes about 30 minutes and involves a series of questions for the parent and activities for the child. The Quick Peek providers talk with the parents about the screening results and provide information on general child development and activities they can do to encourage their child’s development.

At the end of screening, parents are given a letter indicating whether the child’s performance falls within the typical range or shows any concerns. If the results suggest a need for further evaluation, the Quick Peek provider reviews options with the parents and recommends parents share the findings with their pediatrician. They may supply other information as well, depending on the needs of the child: ways to access school evaluations, Early Intervention contact information, parenting workshops, resources for further evaluations.

This program allows us to engage in dialogue with parents and families on addressing a common goal which is to raise a child with the necessary skills, tools and resources to perform well in their community.

Serenade Program

Created to ensure that we are interconnected with the community and its residents, Serenade Program prides itself on preparing children to be a positive impact in their community through song and awareness. With the partnership of Community Congregational Church of Short Hills, we implemented a music program where children learn and perform songs in various languages such as Swahili and Japanese for small groups at various senior homes within the Union and Essex county areas. This program is designed to connect the children with surrounding communities by learning the importance of building relationships with each other.

Multi-Cultural Program

Understanding the core principle of inclusiveness that welcomes and celebrates the diversity of our community by acknowledging what makes us different and unique is the commitment of the Multi-Cultural Program. The purpose of this program is to educate children, staff and families on the various cultures, issues of diversity and equality, to advocate for under-represented groups in the community, and to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation for all peoples and cultures. By simply acknowledging and displaying multi-cultural sensitivity, we can foster an environment that is emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually safe and beneficial to the Irvington community.

Through this program, the Around the World Project offers various volunteers, families, staff and community stakeholders the opportunity to share their experiences and cultures of different areas of the world. Children are exposed to different languages, music, dance, food and fashion during this process. Around the World allows us to collaborate and foster participation in an environment which is welcoming and removes all barriers. Actively engaging our children, families, and community allows the program to expand our view on various cultures on a continuing basis.