Irvington Up

Irvington Up, community development division of Harmony Education & Life Partners, is the vision and roadmap to education, health, community engagement and prosperity for the Irvington community. The goal is to develop and support community participation in improving and enriching lives in Irvington. All children growing up in Irvington Up neighborhoods will have access to effective schools and strong systems of family and community support that will prepare them to attain an excellent education and successfully transition to college and career.

Irvington Up will support and initiate innovative strategies that improve the outcomes for children and families in Irvington by:

  1. Partnering and collaborating with organizations with best practices;
  2. Identifying and increasing capacity of eligible entities that focus on results from birth through college to career;
  3. Supporting efforts to improve outcomes that are communicated and analyzed by community leaders and stakeholders;
  4. Strengthening community relations with agencies and local government;
  5. Working with local government to sustain and create solutions;
  6. Integrate family engagement principles linked to strengthening families and parent involvement, academic performance and family-school relationship solidity;
  7. Building a continuum of supportive and healthy infrastructure that will support academic, family and community services at the neighborhood level;
  8. Ensure school wide adaptation to cultural contexts within community by incorporating best practices of cultural competence and sensitivity;
  9. Learning and seeking various avenues of the impact between particular strategies and student outcomes.
  10. Mobilizing individuals and resources to create necessary conditions to help community residence to help themselves and others