The “Excel” Afterschool program was solely initiated to help and assist students to build confidence, develop study and social skills, provide guidance with learning, challenge their abilities, and inspire students to achieve great things. These principles formed our mission which is to build, develop, challenge, assist and inspire. Strong emphasis on being a well-rounded student and individual is translated throughout the program. By developing the child’s weakness and reinforcing their strengths, we set high expectations for these students to excel in all areas of their study and lives. Being an extraordinary student, citizen and individual is consistently echoed in all facets of this program. Understanding their surroundings and environment we do not limit our services to their academic areas but extend our hands in other areas as well. Our program is continuously growing with new ideas to best support our students growth socially and academically. We are committed to excellence and the principle that all children deserve the opportunity to flourish, dream, and discover great things about themselves and the world. We simply challenge our children as well as ourselves to excel.